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RoadMAP from TerraSim® is a powerful road network extraction system which utilizes advanced image understanding technology to automatically extract linear features (e.g., paved and unpaved roads, railroads, and canals) from remotely sensed imagery.

Based on cutting-edge research in image processing, photo-interpretation, and computer vision, RoadMAP seamlessly combines automated, semi-automated, and manual methods for detecting, delineating, and attributing road networks and other linear features.

As a highly flexible and interactive image analysis system, RoadMAP offers a full range of automated linear feature extraction activities, including automatic road finding and extraction, integrated manual editing, efficient attribution with standard templates, and system and user-level performance monitoring. Using RoadMAP, users can rapidly and accurately extract and update complex transportation networks using a single panchromatic or color orthophoto.


RoadMAP from TerraSim® utilizes advanced image understanding technology to automatically extract complex networks of attributed linear features (e.g., paved and unpaved roads, railroads, and canals) from remotely sensed imagery. Key features for RoadMAP include:

  • Import a wide range of imagery, including ECW, TIFF/GeoTIFF, MrSID, NITF, JPEG2000, and SGI
  • Rapidly extract and attribute linear features
  • Seamlessly integrates automated, semi-automated, and manual extraction methods
  • Automatically detect road starting points and intersections
  • Generate road centerline, road width, and full network topology with standard attribution
  • Import large area imagery and ESRI shapefiles
  • Export results directly to ESRI Shapefiles or TerraSim TBRs
  • Interactively adjust road widths and centerlines
  • Easily inspect linear features with scroll-wheel point navigation
  • Maintain and update road surface appearance models during extraction to detect road surface anomalies (i.e., material changes, obstructions, and vehicles)
  • Collect dataset statistics (e.g., object counts, session times, and road feature histograms) to monitor your production process
  • XML-based attribution implements National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Feature and Attribute Coding Catalog (FACC) codings and supports configurable attribution tables


New Features

New features for the latest version, RoadMAP 2.1, include

  • Improve the correspondence of independent raster and vector data sources using the new Vector Transform function
  • Quickly add topology to imported or extracted data with the Automatic Topology operation
  • Improved manual editing, including cut, copy, and paste operations with undo/redo
  • Easily extract curvy linear features with the new automated PathFinder tool
  • Import and export vector data as Shapefiles with .prj georeference information
  • Support for new image formats, including ECW, MrSID, and JPEG 2000
  • Support for saving and autosaving project files for complex extraction sessions
  • Improved memory use and processing speedups
  • Updated documentation with integrated help


Minimum System Requirements

  • 32-bit Windows 7 workstation
  • Administrative privileges on the system
  • 2Ghz processor
  • 2GB of system memory
  • Graphics card with a minimum of 256 MB of texture memory
  • Graphics card that uses OpenGL 3.0 or higher

Note: RoadMAP should not be run via a virtual machine (VM) or remote desktop application.


Recommended System Requirements

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