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At Bohemia Interactive Simulations, we leveraged our game-based technology to create a highly capable and cost-effective IG solution called VBS IG. VBS IG is a new class of image generation that provides an open and common technology framework for the land, sea & air domains with a highly efficient ‘author once for all use cases’ workflow.

VBS IG SDK is sold as a commercial license for developers that is out-of-the-box compatible when connected to VBS3 or any host that supports the CIGI protocol. As an SDK, VBS IG offers a suite of tools, C++ API, and a communication API that is highly adaptable and extendable. As a runtime, VBS IG can connect to VBS3 as a network host natively or through VBS Gateway. The SDK enables developers to integrate applications ideally suited for ground, JTAC & CFF, UAV, and helicopter simulations or training devices. The VBS IG core engine visualization has been optimized to deliver stable frame rates with long-view distances and large numbers of moving entities on massive terrains.

VBS IG SDK Features

  • C++ Open and Modular Plugin API
  • Developer Tools
  • Debugging Capabilities
  • VBS IG Studio for easy configuration and deployment
  • Documentation (API)
  • Sample Plugin Source
  • Communications API with CIGI reference implementation
  • Access to the largest 3D content library in the industry (people, vehicles, terrains from VBS3)
  • Comprehensive scene management
  • Programmable post processing and rendering effects


VBS IG Runtime Features

  • Stable frame rates
  • Dynamic lights & shadows
  • Post processing effects
  • Weather, including dynamic atmospheric effects
  • Time-of-day system
  • Procedural vegetation
  • Volumetric clouds
  • Point lights, enabling high fidelity night scene simulation
  • Accurate star charts and moon phases
  • Synchronized multiple channels
  • Electro-optical, infrared, and night-vision sensors
  • Support for a wide array of display configurations including domes, projection caves, and wall screen
  • Support for CIGI 3.3


Display Services and Hardware Support
BISim works with popular warp and blend software and 3rd party technologies to provide hardware, edge blending, distortion correction and other visual display services.

VBS IG: New Software Development Kit Available (03:33)
Bohemia Interactive Simulations introduces a new software development kit for VBS IG. VBS IG is BISim’s highly capable and cost effective image generation solution, which uses commercial video game technology to deliver traditional IG capabilities for part-task and full-mission simulators. VBS IG renders out-the-window and sensor scenes, depicting real-world terrain with large numbers of moving entities across multiple channels. VBS IG SDK is the image generation solution designed with developers and integrators in mind. The tools and source code access provided with VBS IG SDK allow developers to customize and extend virtually every aspect of VBS IG to produce custom applications. Visit bisimulations.com to learn more or contact sales@bisimulations.com.
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    Bohemia Interactive Simulations introduces a new software deve...
  • VBS IG SDK Tools: IG Studio Offers Easy Multichannel Configuration and Deployment
    Bohemia Interactive Simulations has introduced a new software ...

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