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Traditionally for use by government and military, VBS3 simulates all aspects of the modern battlespace including human entities, surface vehicles, maritime vessels, rotary and fixed wing aircraft, and subsurface vehicles. Commercial customers can gain access to VBS3 through purchase of a VBSDN subscription.

VBS3 is a complete package, combining the robust and flexible VBS virtual environment with scenario editors, a development suite (for terrain and 3D model import), after-action review feature, and an integrated HLA/DIS gateway.

VBS3 is comprised of the following components:

  • VBS3 runtime environment
  • VBS3 content library
  • VBS3 development suite
  • VBS3 scenario editors
  • VBS3 after action review
  • VBS Gateway
  • VBS Radio (voice communication system)


VBS3 runtime environment features

  • Operation from the first-person perspective
  • High-fidelity physics
  • Fully immersive, life-like virtual environment
  • Detailed improvised explosive device (IED) simulation
  • Advanced infrared simulation
  • Airborne and ground-based unmanned vehicles
  • Interactive command and control (C2) interface
  • Optimized for large networked scenarios (100+ participants)

Comprehensive content library includes

  • A wide range of high-fidelity land, sea and air vehicles
  • High-fidelity and life-like destruction of physical models
  • Full spectrum of weapons and weapon platforms
  • Advanced thermal modeling
  • Ability to interact with content library during training

After-action review features

  • Accurate replay in 2D and 3D
  • Easily adjustable timeline
  • Cut and edit AARs
  • Readily measure training effectiveness

Two powerful built-in scenario editors

  • Offline mission editor (OME) to prepare training scenario
  • Real-time editor (RTE) to influence scenario during training

Recently released enhancements

  • Larger terrain areas
  • Multi-cast system
  • Procedural terrain generation
  • Multi-core support
  • Improved AI path planning
  • Underwater simulation
  • Parachute simulation
  • Improved rendering engine

Integration options

  • VBS Gateway (included in VBS3 v3.7)
  • Application Scripting Interface (ASI) for writing VBS plug-ins (included in VBS3)
  • VBS Fusion for advanced modification and integration (a separate purchase)

VBS3's Developer Suite for importing terrain and 3D models

  • Terrain generator Visitor 4 imports DTED, imagery and shape files
  • Oxygen 2 is a powerful 3D model generation and import tool
  • With Oxygen 2, developers can edit UVs and textures as well as create new levels of detail as well as in-game functionalities such as collision geometry
  • Buldozer, which allows developers to preview terrains as they would appear in VBS3 during run time

Multi-channel functionality

  • For displaying VBS3 on immersive wide-screen and dome displays and 360-degree projection systems
  • Optional extra: add VBS IG licenses to view different aspects of your VBS scenario, including the ability to project a 360-degree view

Each initial VBS3 license purchase comes with one year of Software Upgrades and Support, and with it comes access to our support team and forums. Additional years of VBS3 Software Upgrades and Support are available for purchase. For more advanced support, customers can purchase Professional Services hours, which provide dedicated engineering support.

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